The Lamppost is a space for ideas. I think of it as less of a blog and more of a project platform for giving ideas form. Hence the name, which was inspired by C.S. Lewis’s Lamppost from the Narnia books.

Just as I am an eclectic human with diverse interests so is this small piece of the online world. I have, in my relatively short time on this earth been, an aspiring actor, a filmmaker, a milliner, a graphic designer and a historian, to name a few. Since childhood I have lived between Canada and the UK and since 2014 London has been where I hang my hat.

I hope you enjoy your trip to this corner of the web. While you’re here why not check out my first project. Rose’s Recipes is a tribute to my Grandmother, a delving into social history through her personal collection of recipes with the bonus of yummy food pictures and hilarious recipe testing (some of them are really a blast from the past). Stop by and say hello.




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