Japanese Cucumber  Salad

The latest of my grandmother’s recipes is a five-star winner and a perfect zingy pick me up for cold February evenings.


  • Mason Cash measuring spoons baking flatlay

    Rose’s Recipes | Brownies with Cocoa Glaze

    THE ORIGIN When I looked at this recipe on a tiny piece of folded paper I had no idea it would have such an interesting origin.  It evidently came from a Neilson product as all 4 of the recipes on the sheet call for the use of Neilson Cocoa powder.  Neilson is a dairy brand…


  • Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

    When in Rome… Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

    In September, I visited Rome for the first time. It seems absurd that it took me 28 years to get there, given what a highbrow junky I am, but there it is.  I was warned before arriving that Rome could be overwhelming and I’ll admit that I struggled with the overpowering number of seemingly necessary…


  • This One Time… in Sri Lanka

    The travel guide for a 10 holiday in Sri Lanka.


Rose's Recipes by The Lamppost


What is Rose’s Recipes

I’m cooking my way through all of them, the good the bad and the dated! As a memorial to my grandmother and also as a trip into the culinary past.


  • Banana Bread Recipe Rose's Recipe

    Rose’s Recipes | Grandmother’s Banana Bread

    Could there be a more appropriate way to begin this project?  When I found this in the stack of my Grandmother’s recipes I knew it was the first one I had to try. THE ORIGIN This recipe wasn’t my Grandmother’s own.  It was clipped from the American Srbobran, the newspaper of The Serb National Federation. …


  • Rose's Recipes by The Lamppost

    Rose’s Recipes | The Project

    Why I’m cooking my way through my Grandmother’s recipe collection.


  • Rose’s Recipes | Insanely Tasty Japanese Cucumber Salad

    This insanely tasty and super easy pickled cucumber salad with a Japanese twist will make your tase buds sing.


  • Autumnal Soup Rose's Recipes

    Rose’s Recipes | Squash-Apple Soup

    Three days into November and Britain has jumped into full Christmas mode.  Despite this enthusiasm however, the weather is still decidedly autumnal.  So in keeping with the season I thought I would test a soup recipe from my Grandmother’s collection. THE ORIGIN This is a more recent clipping.  Probably from when Baba jumped on the…